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Melissa M. Dziedzic MS, APRN

Clinical Interests
Melissa has enjoyed a career in pediatric nursing for over 26 years. Presently her career focus has been providing specialized care to children and their families with otolaryngology medical and surgical needs.

Nursing Education

  • Northeastern University- MSN- pediatric nurse practitioner
  • Boston College School of Nursing- BSN

Professional Experience

Connecticut Pediatric Otolaryngology, LLC
Shelton, CT
September 2009-Present

Nurse Practitioner
Specialize in the unique care of the pediatric patient with unique otolaryngology medical and surgical needs. Provide direct care that encompasses both outpatient and inpatient requirements. Complete rounds at Yale Children’s Hospital to facilitate improved communication and promote specialized teaching and support for families during their child’s hospital experience. Coordinate all aspects of care and promote collaboration with multidisciplinary services. Complete office procedures including nasal cauterizations, ear wax removal, nasal endoscopies and fiberoptic diagnostic laryngoscopies, as well as thorough examinations and assessments of comprehensive otolaryngology issues. Educate children and their families as well as the community on individualized diagnosis and the personalized care they will follow.

Sound Ears, Nose and Throat Hearing and Balance
Trumbull, CT
October 2008-September 2009

Nurse Practitioner
Directly provided thorough otolaryngologic care to patients from birth to geriatrics with a strong emphasis on the care of pediatric patients with diverse medical and surgical needs with a comprehensive and holistic approach. Independently directed the management of patients including an interpretation of lab data and diagnostic testing procedures. Worked closely with the specialists in the community to address all the medical and surgical needs that involved a multidisciplinary approach particularly with the Bridgeport school system.

Yale University School of Medicine: Otolaryngology
New Haven , CT
November 2007-October 2008

Nurse Practitioner
Provided comprehensive clinical care to the Otolaryngology patients at Yale in the outpatient and surgical settings with complex head and neck cancer, chronic sinusitis, general otolaryngology diagnosis’ and HHT. Assisted in and performed surgical procedures in the operating room and managed patient’s care post-operatively. Provided extensive follow-up for patients through office visits and telephone contact. Participated in tumor board, radiology conference, M&M conference, patient rounds and journal club. Worked closely with the Yale Otolaryngology team to collaboratively address the extensive needs of the patients throughout their clinical and hospital experience.

Edward M. Lane, MD, PC : Otolaryngology
Bridgeport, CT
November 2001-November 2007

Nurse Practitioner
Managed the intensive comprehensive care of complex medical and surgical otolaryngology patients of all ages. Performed thorough physical examinations , individualized patient teaching, emotional support and close clinical follow-up which extended throughout the patient care experience within our practice. Very invested as a sub-investigator for clinical research studies in otolaryngology, respiratory and allergy diagnosis. Independently performed complex invasive office procedures, including cauterizations, nasal balloon insertions, direct laryngoscopes, phlebotomy, ear canal irrigations, and I&D‘s. Proactively developed teaching plans with patients for the prevention of future or recurrent illnesses. Developed an asthma/allergy subspecialty within the practice. Intensely collaborated with Dr. Lane and other specialty physicians and health care providers in managing the care of complex patients.

Pediatric Healthcare Associates
Trumbull, CT
January 1997- November 2001

Nurse Practitioner
Provided family centered primary and acute health care for an extensive pediatric population of all ages in a large multi-office practice. Promoted optimal physical and psychological development of the child and their family. Independently performed detailed medical histories and physical examinations, interpreted diagnostic tests, and developed treatment plans for common and complex diagnosis. Initiated the collaboration and coordination of care with physicians, nurse practitioners, child developmental specialists, teachers, and other appropriate health care members. Served as lactation consultant for the practice providing direct lactation teaching, guidance and continual support. Provided wwwborn teaching and support through prenatal classes, and frequent office visits and frequent telephone follow-up.

Northeastern University
Boston, MA
September 1996- December 1996

Pediatric Undergraduate Clinical Faculty
Creatively planned, instructed and facilitated individualized clinical experiences for undergraduate baccalaureate nursing students at the Children’s Hospital on an infant surgical unit and at various community health centers and school settings. Directed student’s learning focusing on health restoration in children with acute and/or complex health problems. Promoted the application of the principles of pathophysiology, growth and development, family theory, cultural sensitivity and research in providing therapeutic interventions in caring for children and their families.

Blue Hills Regional Technical School
Canton, MA
September 1993- June 1995

Nursing Instructor
Instructed theoretical and clinical components of the practical nurse program to post-graduate high school students in pediatric, adult and geriatric medical and surgical care, rehabilitation, maternity, and chronic care. Innovatively planned , developed , implemented and evaluated an interactive nursing curriculum. Created course outlines that motivated learning. Wrote handbooks, examinations, learning tools and materials that intensified and augmented learning. Ingeniously designed practical laboratory experiences for the application of didactic information to the clinical setting.

The Hug Center
Woburn, MA
July 1992- September 1993

Home Care Coordinator
Developed and facilitated comprehensive discharge plans collaboratively with Children’s Hospital personnel, Hug Center staff, patients, and their families. Creatively taught patients and families how to use an extensive list of home care equipment and complete home care therapies. Provided individualized care for children and families in their homes. Participated in marketing activities, case management and strategic planning. Maintained statistical records of Hug Center admissions and home care services.

The Children’s Hospital
Boston, MA
September 1991- July 1992

Primary Nurse
Provided acute nursing care for patients of all ages with complex cardiac diagnosis’. Supervised the management of primary patients and their families to ensure individualized patient care, emotional support and discharge planning. Initiated collaborative efforts in planning patient care with the entire medical and nursing team.

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA
August 1984-July 1991
August 1988-July 1991

Unit Based Educator
Assessed, implemented and evaluated unit based educational activities to enhance the clinical and professional development of staff nurses on a 34-bed cardiac step-down unit. Focused primarily on the individualized educational needs of staff in transition from formal orientation to independent practice. Created unit based programs and reference materials to proactively prepare staff for www clinical experiences. Assisted nurses in the development of cognitive and psychomotor skills at the bedside. Served as a consultant throughout the hospital for cardiac related patient care issues and as an active member of the unit based management team.

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA
July 1985-August 1988

Primary Nurse
Coordinated and oversaw the individualized care of multiple primary patients and their families on a 28-bed cardiac step-down unit. Specialized in pre- and post-operative cardiac management as well as dysrhythmia analysis and intervention utilizing a telemetry monitoring system.

August 1984- July 1985

Staff Nurse
Provided direct patient care for infants and school-aged children with various medical infirmities on a 28-bed unit.

Education and Honors

Northeastern University, Graduate School of Nursing
Boston, MA
September 1996

Master of Science, Pediatric Primary Care
Recipient of the Gamma Epsilon Award of Excellence
Graduate Training: Boston City Hospital

Boston College, School of Nursing
Chestnut Hill, MA
May 1984

Bachelor of Science, Magna Cum Laude
Sigma Theta Tau Induction

Continuing Education
Ongoing attendance to continuing education programs
(List provided upon request)

Education and Honors

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
The National Certification Board of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (December 1996-Present)
The American Nurses Credentialing Center (December 1996- Present)

Certified Otorhinolaryngology and Head-Neck Nurse
The National Certifying Board for Otorhinolaryngology and Head-Neck Nurses
(February 2004 – Present)

Certified Asthma Educator
The National Asthma Educator Certification Board (November 2006-Present)

State of Connecticut Registered Controlled Substance License
United States DEA Controlled Substance Certification License
American Heart Association CPR Certification
Phlebotomy Training (March 2006)


The Children’s Hospital
Boston, MA
March 1996- March 1997

“School Avoidance in Children With Chronic Pain”


Northeastern University
Boston, MA
December 1995

“Guidelines for Screening Violence Involving Preschoolers”

Professional Memberships

Sigma Theta Tau, Gamma Epsilon Chapter (1984- Present)
National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (1985- Present)
Chairperson of the Program Planning Committee (1996-1997)
American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (2000- Present)
Connecticut Nurse Practitioner Group, Inc. (2005- Present)
American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, Inc. (2002- Present)
American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy (2002- Present)
Society of Otorhinolaryngology and Head-Neck Nurses, Inc. (2002- Present)
Food and Drug Allergy Network (2002- Present)

Creative Professional Works

Dr. Edward Lane (2001-2007)
Allergy Initial History and Physical Form
Serum Allergy Test Results Reporting Forms

Pediatric Healthcare Associates (1997-2001)
Certified Lactation Consultant
Parenting Class
Preceptor for Nurse Practitioner Associates and Graduate Students

Blue Hills Regional Practical Nurse Program Courses (1993-1995)
Fundamentals of Nursing: Lecture, Laboratory, and Clinical
Introduction to Psychology
Maternity Nursing: Lecture, Laboratory, and Clinical
Pediatric Nursing: Lecture, Laboratory, and Clinical
Adult Medical-Surgical Nursing: Lecture, Laboratory, and Clinical
Anatomy and Physiology: Summer Preparatory Course

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Nursing Lectures/Presentations (1988-1991)
Basic EKG
Pediatric Dysrhythmias
Emergency Care Course
Mock Code Coordinator Course
Monthly Mystery Dysrhythmia and Cardiac Defects Lecture Series
Continuous Drug Infusion Workshop: Inotropic and Ant arrhythmic Medications

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia: Education Materials (1988-1991)
Self-Learning Module for Telemetry Monitoring and Analysis
Unit Based Emergency Care Resource Manual
Post-operative Cardiac Transplant Careplan
Pleural/Pericardial Catheter Care Procedure
Exercises for Monthly Review of Continuous Drug Infusion Patient Situations

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia: Role Development (1988-1991)
Created and developed the role of the Unit Based Telemetry Monitor Technician

The Hug Center (1993)
Nebulizer Teaching Careplan

Clinical Drug Trials

“Coordinating a Clinical Research Study”
One Day Seminar for CRC
Conducted by Research Dynamics Consulting Group, LTDv January 17, 2002

Sub-investigator for Clinical Drug Trials:
» Aventis Pharma HMR 3647A/4017 (2002)
Telithromycin Adult Sinusitis

» Pfizer A0661075/1073 (2003)
Azithromycin SR Adult Community-Acquired Pneumonia

» Pfizer A0661073 (2003)
Azithromycin SR Pediatric Acute Otitis Media

» Bayer Pharmaceuticals 11566 (2004)
Moxifloxacin Adult Sinusitis

» Pfizer A0661057 (2002)
Azithromycin 3-Day Adult Sinusitis

» Replidyne (2004)
Faropenem Medoxomil Acute Bacterial Sinusitis

» Bayer Pharmaceuticals 100569 (2004)
Moxifloxacin Adult Sinusitis

» Sanofi Aventis HMR3647B/3001 (2005)
Telithromycin Pediatric Acute Otitis Media

» Bayer Pharmaceuticals 11566 (2006-2008)
Moxifloxacin 5-day in Adult Bacterial Sinusitis

» Replidyne AECB-REP-FAR-005 (2006)
Faropenem Medoxomil Acute Exacerbation of Chronic Bronchitis

» Sanofi Aventis EFC 6132/3002 (2006)
Telithromycin Pediatric Acute Otitis Media

» Sanofi Aventis EFC 6133/3004 (2006)
Telithromycin Infant (>6 mos)-Adolescent (<13 yrs) Streptococcus Pyogenes

» Sanofi Aventis EFC 6134/3006 (2006)
Telithromycin Adolescent (>13 yrs) -Adult Streptococcus Pyogenes Tonsillitis/Pharyngitis

» Sanofi Aventis POP6135(HMR 3647B/3005) (2006)
Telithromycin Pediatric Community-Acquired Pneumonia

» Altana Pharm BY217/M2-124 (2006)
Roflumilast: The Aura Study/ Adult COPD Exacerbations

» Alcon C-05-35 (2006-2008)
Moxidex Otic Solution in Pediatric AOMT

» Lane CSC-104 (2006)
Sporonox in Fungal Otitis Externa

» Lane CSC-105 (2006)
Miconazole in Fungal Otitis Externa

» Lane (2006)
Astelin/Fluticasone in Allergic Rhinitis

» Merck MK0476 (2006)
Singulair in Pediatric Asthma

» Sanofi Aventis (2006)
Telithromycin in Adult Community Acquired Pneumonia

» Altanta (2006)
Cipro HC Otic to a Vehicle Control in the Treatment of Acute Otitis Externa

» Replidyne (2006-2008)
Protocol ABS-REP-FAR-004: Acute Bacterial Sinusitis

» Welch Allyn (2006)
UPTP06002 CardioPerfect Work Station Study

» Accentia Biopharmaceuticals (2007)
Protocol ACC-05-01: Adult Chronic Sinusitis Phase III Antifungal Study

» Schering-Plough Corporation (2007)
Protocol PO4824: Nasonex as Adjunctive Treatment in Acute Bacterial Sinusitis

» Naryx Pharma, Inc. (2006)
Protocol SPRC-AB01-003: Tobramycin Solution for Nasal Inhalation in Post Surgical Patients With Chronic Sinusitis

» Schering-Plough Corporation (2007)
Protocol PO4705: MometasoneFuroate/Formoterol FumarateMDI 200/10 vs. Advair Disc 250/50

» Pfizer, Inc. / United Health Group (2006)
Protocol A0661180: Azithromycin ER (ZMAX) vs. Augmentin in Acute Bacterial Sinusitis

» Replidyne (2007-2008)
Protocol REP-FAR-005: Acute Exacerbation of Chronic Bronchitis (AECB)

» Replidyne (2007-2008)
Protocol REP-FAR-006: Community Acquired Pneumonia (CAP)

» Alcon (2007-2008)
Protocol C-07-01: Olopatadine HCL Nasal Spray 0.6% vs. Placebo for the Treatment of Pediatric Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis