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Annual Pediatric Otolaryngology Symposium

Annual Pediatric Otolaryngology Symposium

Thursday, November 5, 2020

A Free Virtual Educational Event

Join us at the 15th Annual Pediatric Otolaryngology Symposium hosted by Connecticut Pediatric Otolaryngology.

Unfolding Case Presentations ​in Pediatric Otolaryngology​ with Panel Discussion​

The topics being presented are:

Case 1- “Are you listening…… Or not hearing?”

  • 5 year old child presents with a parental concern for hearing loss. As the case unfolds, panel will discuss important components of the history, physical examination, work-up, treatment and special considerations in a child who presents with hearing concerns.

Case 2- “My nose is a fountain of snot”

  • 16y girl presents with chronic nasal congestion and left nasal obstruction.  As we unravel this case we will discuss the diagnostic approach and clinical management of pediatric patients with chronic nasal congestion. Unique clinical features of the case will be sure to pique your interest.

Case 3- “Help? My baby can’t breathe!”

  • This final case involves an infant presenting with stridor. Walking through this case will explore differentials, parental support, evaluation, and treatment.

Our audience of physicians, nurse practitioners, physician associates, nurses, audiologists and therapists who care for pediatric patients identified a need for all of the topics being presented this year. Our goal is to provide educational offerings that improve the quality of care of your patients.

Please e-mail us if you want access to see the symposium!